Baby Incubator Manual and servo type

Baby Incubator Manual and servo type

Item Code: P.E-02

With the assistance of highly experienced team members, we make baby incubator ( servo type) (item code: P. E-02). Our baby incubator is used to take care of new born babies in the special icu unit. Also known as neonatal intensive care units, these systems are used to control the skin temperature of the new born babies. The appliance is formed of various components namely three level safety circuits, two sensors , L. E. D. bar graph with 4 increments to show temperature level, A1 auto cut-off at 38. 5c air and 37. 5c skin, solid state relay system & parallel electrical safety.


Product Specifications:

Auto Cut-off at 39.0 deg C
Auto Cut-off atl 39.5 deg C-Parallel electrical safety


Technical Specification:

Model Name Rajas-41 incubator with cabinet.
Length 30 inch. (707 mm)
Breadth 17 inch. (444 mm)
Height 51 inch (1285 mm)
Weight 45 kgs approx.
Baby bed size 24 x 14(610 x 370 mm)
Tilt 8 Degrees
Best environment for operation -. 22 C to 29 C
Humidity 0 to 95% R/H
Electrical Rating 230 V.A.C.- 10% 50 Hz.
Heater wattage 250 Watts
Overall wattage 350 Watts when heater humidifier and blower is on
Safety Cut Offs & Alarms
Air over temperature Audio Visual
Air sensor fail Audio Visual
Skin sensor fail Audio Visual
Other details Available with micro processor with alpha numerical display