• 11th May 2017

    Basic Questions Regarding Buying Medical Equipments Answered

    Basic Questions Regarding Buying Medical Equipments Answered

    There has always been a gap between the requirement and availability of healthcare services in our country. Looking at this gap, many medical professionals are moving towards having their own medical facility. Nowadays, you can find private establishments like ENT clinics, dental care facilities, gynae care clinics and many specialized facilities in addition to the huge government hospitals and dispensaries.

    Medical facilities such as small clinics have the same quality standards; in some cases better than the large establishments. The only difference is the budget. With the availability of high tech medical machines, such small clinics can also provide great health care. At Rajas, medical equipments manufactured using cutting edge technologies are available to suit every budget and fulfill every requirement of your clinic.

    If you are planning to open a clinic to provide great medical facilities in your local area, here are a few questions answered for you:

    • Where should I search for the latest technology equipments for my clinic?

    With rise in technology, many enhancements are taking place in the basic design of medical equipment which are being used for centuries. Today’s laboratory apparatus are not just reliable but these have innovative designs that offer ease of use for the staff and comfort for the patients. Many manufacturers display and sell their equipment at outlets while many have websites that provide detailed information about these machines. For clinics with low budget, refurbished equipments can be a great option. These go through rigorous testing and are maintained at high quality standards before putting them on sale.

    • How do I choose the best brand?

    While choosing which brand to follow, reliability is a big factor. Whether you want to invest into new machines or are thinking of going for refurbished ones, it is very important that you choose a reliable vendor who has been there in this business for a long time. At Rajas, we have more than five decades of experience in manufacturing a wide range of medical machines. Our prices are the best in the market as compared to the quality we offer. Before you choose a technology partner in your healthcare business, check referrals, research for the company reputation and compare prices.

    • What are the ‘must have’ equipments for a medical setting?

    Though, it greatly depends upon the type of services that you are going to offer at your clinic, there are a few necessary machines that you must think of purchasing. These include ECG machines, blood pressure monitors, laboratory equipment, OPD equipment, operation theatre machines, etc. Based on your specialization of services, you can have ENT equipment, electro-medical equipment, dental equipment, hospital furniture and physiotherapy equipment as well.

    • How should I fix the budget?

    The prices of medical equipments range from a few hundreds to several tens of thousands. So try to keep your budget flexible. For huge machines, it will be a one-time investment while disposables need to be purchased time and again so consider them separately. If you are considering refurbished, the cost will naturally fall down.

    Thinking of where to start from? Contact us for detailed information on all types of equipments for a medical setting.